Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blinks (Quick Links to Blog Posts)

I wanted to archive a few finds I've made across the internet. Here are some images along with links to the blog post where I discovered them. Some amazing pieces of work here. And some great ideas!

Georgia Russell's Amazing Book Art - found on HomeStead

More images of her work posted here at the Rag and Bone Blog as well.

Tara Donavan's Hypnotizing Sculptures - found on Design DNA

This installation is made entirely of styrofoam cups. Her other sculptures are made from straws, fishing line, pencils, buttons, etc. and all look absolutely incredible. It is amazing what a little bit (or a lot) of patience can create...

Casa del Bosque - found on MocoLoco

There is something about this house that I love. All the windows make me want to simply sit in the house for hours and watch the nature around me.

Look at how they create privacy in the bathroom too. I love it!

More images of the house here

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