Monday, October 5, 2009

If you were wondering...

You will notice I haven't been posting for a while. It's not because I don't come across beautiful things I want to blog about. It's because I have been cheating on my own blog, with another blog. A friend and I decided to start a blog for women, all about what it means to grow up, as two ladies in the city, working hard and changing from college graduates, to career women, to fiances, to wives, etc. etc. This seems to be top of mind for me nowadays - with work, life and love speeding ahead like a locomotive.

I will continue to use this blog as a place to document the beautiful things I come across or discover that I simply need to document - but probably not as often as I used to. I can't imagine many people are reading this blog though - are you?

If you are - let me know - because if it turns out I have actually inspired anyone along the way - you will inspire me right back - to keep on posting the things I see, learn and love. For now you can find me at, if you dare. It's certainly a little less grounded than this safe haven of a blog.
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