Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Mom Got Blogged...

I have been meaning to post many things over the last couple weeks but I had to add a quick post and link to the blog of one of our family friends, Shel Israel, who blogged about my Mom's self published children's book, Here You Are. On 9/11 he added some kind words about why this book is so appealing and wonderful across all age groups. I am a bit biased of course, but the book's message is so clear and simple that it becomes universal.

Aside from the book being one of those great children's books you can buy for adults, we have also made sure to do some inhouse testing on the younger market, my little brother. So we have positive affirmation for the 5 year old, 6, 7, and 8 year old crowd. There was a slight dip in the 7 year old stage if I remember correctly...but a sure recovery 6 months later.

If you are looking to order, make sure you go to this link instead of the one on her blog...the other link seems to be broken at the moment. As Shel put it in his post "Yes, I want you to buy her book. Buy one for each of the kids in your life, I don't care what age they are. The book will work. Buy an extra for yourself as well. I'll stake whatever reputation chits I have with you that you will not regret your decision."

Well put Shel :)

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