Sunday, July 22, 2007

Nikki McClure

My latest observation and inspiration, Nikki McClure. Last weekend after a wonderful respite from life and work at Dolores Park in the Mission, I walked over to Little Otsu with a few friends. This little boutique is what a young designer dreams of opening and soon realizes might be too hard to keep alive without a bit of luck on your side. Otsu obviously has a bit of that luck since it is a local favorite to many. The store is small and sweet and sells cute custom zines and art with a high attention to athstetics. (p.s. that is one of the hardest words to say, i swear. But so useful for describing beautiful things). The postcards and books are great but what really got me going were the Nikki McClure posters. McClure creates intricate design cutouts from a sheet of paper, creating a soothing sillouette of images. I bought my favorite one, 'Invest' (I laughed at myself for picking the one that most referred to work, but loved the juxtaposition of the seemingly stark nature of the word 'invest' and the beautiful peacefulness of the bird and flowers depicted in the print). I quickly went to BuyOlympia when I got back to my apartment to order her latest calendar. Looking forward to it's arrival.

After Otsu we went to the bookstore across the street. The woman behind the counter saw my 'Invest' poster and confessed her love for Nikki McClure. She told me that the man-hole covers in the streets of Olympia have Nikki McClure prints embossed in the metal. How wonderful is that?

She is a new favorite of mine. McClure that is...but the lady at the bookstore can be too.

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