Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A week to remember...

This week was an interesting one - with first the news of Farrah Fawsett dying, then Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson of course being a very big event for many fans around the world. Then oddly enough Billy Mays, the very well known infomercial spokesmen was found dead at his house, not to forget that Ed McMahon died just a few days before. It is all quite bizarre.

Being exposed to the world that I work in, where social media is something I live and breathe everyday. I find it very interesting to see how people use this new way of communicating to learn, connect and make tributes to people they cared about from afar.

I learned of all the breaking news through twitter - and went to my favorite blogs for news. I saw a few tributes later that made me love this industry even more. Technology, no matter how you feel about it, let's us do some really amazing things. It lets us communicate, educate, stretch our minds, abilities and access to information - and most importantly it allows us to be creative.

Thought I think twitter is a bit of a hype at times, and that there is certainly no long lasting value behind a mashup like this - I want to highlight something that shows how people can use technology to do something as simple as pay tribute to an epic pop icon.

A company called, 9astronauts created Billie Tweets shortly after MJ passed away. Billie Tweets is a Twitter tribute to the pop icon and his hit song "Billie Jean". While a music video for the song plays, the application pulls Tweets from Twitter that includes words that align with the lyrics playing in the song. As ideeli's blog put it "Pure visual Prozac- fun and oddly soothing to watch.

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