Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Talk the Talk AND Walk the Walk

A little website appreciation here. Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, an agency doing great work in the space, has one of those websites you take a moment to appreciate. There are several things I love about this site - but I'll tell you my two favorite from my personal point of view.

1. You can find all the information you need
2. They demonstrate just how bad ass they are by showing you, not telling you

Here is why. One, when I was going to the site, my goal was to learn more about an agency I already admire. Most agency websites are very veiled with the information they share with you. I think the motivation for this is one, to be vague enough that potential clients need to give you a call and speak to one of your new biz reps to get any answers, and two they don't want sales people calling on them all the time with a bunch of information in their pocket about what the company is working on. I have my arguments with the latter technique - but I'm sure it is biased and has to do with my profession ;)

Back to Goodby - instead of doing the expected, they showcase all their works, clients, assets, etc on their site. You can see upfront what they have done and who they work with and even search the content to get at exactly what you need.

Second, and the most unexpected by far, they let you know every single human being who works in their office, including their title - and even let you search by name - and that is kick-ass. Not only because they provide this information, which is so not the norm, but because they doing through a website that is so functional and helpful, that you right then experience the type of talent and creativity they are capable of as an agency.

Again - showing my appreciation - as it certainly impressed me.

So here are some images and links. When you go to their site and click on the people section you get presented with this:

From there you can enter someone's name and the image updates as you type:

Now if you're a dork like me you start experimenting with names to see if people with the same name tend to look alike. I think yes... But in all you walk away with a very satisfied experience - the exact feeling the agency is aiming for when presenting themselves.


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