Friday, April 3, 2009

Short hair, now I have to style, ah!

Discovering that blow drying really short hair is hard, especially when you want to remain low maintenance.

Chopped off 11 inches of hair a few months back to donate to Beautiful Lengths in the name of my grandmother who had just passed away with breast cancer. I highly recommend this organization. The people behind it are great, and if you are doing it to support the fight against cancer, they solely make wigs for cancer patients, and don't sell or make profit, etc. There is a big debate here between BL and Locks of Love, which you can read about, but my vote is for Pantene Beautiful Lengths, for a number of reasons. They are also approved by the American Cancer Association, which I like.

So anyways, I digress. My hairdresser taught me a trick - so sharing. As you blow dry your hair, actually brush your hair on the sides, from your ear, horizontally back around your head and blow dry it against your head. Sorry I don't have a diagram here, but basically what you are doing is using your head to give your hair a slight curl. It is so easy. And necessary, cause if I don't do this I get a really weird 50's flip, and that doesn't work so well, ever.

It's a low maintenance life saver!


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Richard said...

Lovely lady, cute haircut!

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