Monday, April 6, 2009

ColorSplash - I'm a crazed fan, who knew?

ColorSplash is filming at my apartment building today and tomorrow. Had to grab something from my apartment at lunch, so went to the 4th floor to snoop around and see the team in action.

We ran into one of the producers in the hallway and told her we were just coming up to check things out. Conversation went a bit like this:

Julia: 'Oh hi, I live on the 2nd floor and just wanted to come up and check out the action - you guys are doing apartment 417, right?'

Producer: 'Yes, do you know Corey?'

J: 'No, but we know his place was being redone by ColorSplash'

P: 'Are you fans of the show?'

J: Yea, I've watched it a few times (My mute co-worker nodded her head, having never seen the show)

P: 'Do you want to be crazed fans?'

Thinking she has just recruited us to be on TV, I respond with a slow, 'Suuuuuure?' Not knowing what she is talking about exactly and thinking she maybe wanted us to come back later to be filming...

But that wasn't the case...

She motions for us to follow her and bring us into the staging room to meet the entire cast and crew. As we walk in she announces, 'David, we have some crazed fans here to meet you!'

Suddenly, my co-worker and I are in a room filled with at least 10 people, that apparently we are supposed to know all the names, jobs and probably favorite colors of. Figuring we should play along with the notion that we at least know a little bit about the show, I b-line to the one person I do know, which is the host of the show, David Bromstad - and start making small talk, making it very clear that I live in the building and was just stopping by - trying as best I can to off set the label of 'crazed fan' that I just received. After about 5 minutes of chit-chat, where I discover he actually lives across the street (another tiny little piece of information a crazed fan might have known), the producer points to the woman next to me asking the very leading question 'an you must recognize Danielle too...from the show?' Where again I put on my best 'oh, of course' face and very excitedly shake her hand.

Then we talked about the Olympics (don't ask) and got the hell out of there before they could ask us any questions about our favorite episode.

But, in all seriousness, they were super super nice - and David I think has the best skin I have ever seen. He looks even more flawless in person than on TV. Maybe as a crazed fan/neighbor I can stalk him online to ask where he get's his facials.

P.S. On the way out we ran into another person we, as crazed fans, probably should have recognized, but didn't. Guessing he was the carpenter. For good measure I threw out a friendly hello and good luck - and then asked him to stop by my apartment to paint a few walls. I'm so funny. Gag.

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