Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Got on a tangent yesterday, with my blog research. It happens. First you're on one blog, then you're on 12. I was thinking way in the future, as I tend to do as well, and wondering how I would approach being a Mom blogger, if that in fact is what I want to be 5,7,10 years from now.

Disclaimer (not married, no kids, workaholic). Moving on...

So, how would I go about it? I went to the one mom blogger I love the most, along with the rest of the world - Heather Armstrong of Dooce - and I broke her down into little pieces. Sorry Heather.

What's great about Heather is her honesty and animated reaction to things. Most people have picked up on that and appreciate her filter on the world, or lack there of. She is consistent, entertaining, and totally in your face awesome all the time.

But, what I appreciated the most was how in 2001 she was actually using her blog like Twitter. This girl is way savvy and ahead of the times. She was making one sentence posts, or just putting a link, and making the titling of her blog posts her own organizing system, again in 2001 people! Do you remember what you were doing online in 2001? Probably just getting the hang of AIM if you were cool enough. She used titles like Thinking, and would make a funny comment; How to Charm Me, and hand out a compliment to her now famous husband Jon Armstrong for something cute he did; How to Annoy Me, and give him the opposite :) - or Reading, Listening, etc.

Great model. Makes blogging easier in fact. You can make 5 posts in one day, easy. Helping your google rank, freshness, etc. More enjoyable to read and follow than twitter too. It also let's you readers follow along with you as you research, think, learn about yourself and the world around you - creating a time line, throwing you back to the news, concerns, topics of choice in 2001, 2002, 2003, etc.

Very cool. Taking it all in. And then forgetting about it for a while since the mere commitment to a 40 pack of vitamins scares me, let alone a husband, child(ren) or a definitive career choice.

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