Wednesday, March 25, 2009

OneDrop Foundation

I was on the Cirque Du Soleil website earlier this week and came across The OneDrop Foundation. They had a really great animated video on their site calling all people to support the efforts for providing clean water access to the 8 billion+ on the planet that do not have it available to them. Funny thing - since I published this post - they took it down and put up a new video - but below are some images of the old one - and the new one is worth checking out here.

The whole effort reminded me of a design project my class did in school once, where the assignment was to convey a message about water, anything. Mine was focused on the contrast of torment vs. peace in portrayals of drowning in movies. Creepy, huh? It actually turned out kinda beautiful. But one of my friends did a piece on leaking faucets and how much water they waste over an hour, a day, a year - and how this could provide half the planet with clean drinking water. I could see her doing work for OneDrop - funny how school translate into real life in the end...

It is amazing to think about really. That we use fresh, clean water to flush toilets, water lawns, do the dishes - and billions of people can't even get their hands on a glass of clean water to stay alive.

The OneDrop Foundation has a beautiful logo, a beautiful animation asking people to act, and a beautiful goal to bring more clean water to those who need it. Check it out.

New Video:

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