Monday, May 10, 2010

Funny meeting you here...

So, I'm back. We will see how often I post - but I kinda missed my blog. Started a joint blog with a friend with more commercial goals and quickly learned I was not committed to making that something that would take off. I just don't care that much about beauty or fashion. I did like having the opportunity to share personal stories and things I have learned - but maybe I can do that here, within reason. The more interesting things I learn are how to be a better adult, everyday. Which ironically includes how to remain a kid while your world grows around you.

I was on one of my favorite sites today - - and came across a video on the iPad and how designers are building new ways to interact with old mediums, like books. It inspired me to log back in, post the video, so I have it forever ;)

Before I embed it below - a quick note on those random Palm and Mercedes posts that keep popping up. My lovely fiance is starting a company and regularly uses my blog as a testing ground. I hope you find it as charming as I do.


Atomic Antelope
for the Alice In Wonderland iPad app
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