Thursday, February 5, 2009

Trying out Zemanta to write about my favorite things...

A sealed pack of diced pork from Tesco. It sho...Image via Wikipedia

Zemanta is a pretty cool tool I came across through recommendations made on twitter. As you type the content of a post in your blog platform, a bar on the side looks up related content and images that might be helpful.

I am interested in seeing if I start blogging about things I like - like package design, print design, jewelry, photograph, nature, etc - whether I will get helpful updates.

It may be that my post is a little too general right now, but figured it was worth a try!

Above is one of the more interesting images that came up :) And while I was writing, Zemanta provided me with helpful links like the ones above to 'Zemanta' and 'package design'.

The one annoying this is that it changed the way my images are embedded in the text. I like them individually posted below my text. Maybe there is a setting I can change...

My initial conclusion is that it won't necessarily help me find interesting content on the fly, but if I already have a specific topic I will be writing about, it may help me with some links and images.


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