Friday, February 20, 2009

Saturday's at the Coffee Bar

This place is so wonderful and well designed. I head over to Coffee Bar often - even though I live in a totally different part of town. The open, industrial style architecture, free wi-fi, low maintenance staff and clientele, and random location all contribute to this. Only snapped a few shots - wish I had more of the chandeliers, sitting area, etc. Here is a link to their yelp review with many more photos.

A few obscure observations - the pic behind the counter is of the bus yard up the block, they serve the best bowl of oatmeal in the city, and people set up shop and hang out there all day for the wi-fi and atmosphere. Also, I believe the chef from Circolo (across the street) comes in a few nights a month and does a fixed meal while someone usually spins beats.

Tre chic.

Luff this place.

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