Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some beautiful images of the day

There is much to blog about when it comes to the inauguration of Barack Obama today. There is much to be hopeful for, and much to be proud of.

Many first that in and of themselves have inspired people to believe in our country once again. Believing that we can change our own ways just a little bit to make the next few years more barable for everyone, as they are going to be tough.

I love that the first message the new Presidential family brought to the White House was one of responsibility and service. Service to our neighbors, service to our Earth, and service to the people fighting to keep us safe. And service to the entire world to lead by example rather than force. Even if force is still required, which I believe it will continue to be, at least on our home ground we can strive to be better citizens ourselves. I think a while back we all forgot what it meant to lead by example, as a nation. I also think it's been a long time since we were sincerely asked by our President to do so. It is surprisingly refreshing.

It helps we now have a President that will be asking that of us publicly as well. It sends a very strong message to the world about our commitment to change and responsibility. I admittedly do not have as much faith in the people around the world less interested in listening, and more interested in revenge, but if there is someone who will continue to speak to America through each step of this, it will be Obama, and he will do it well.

Well, enough social commentary for today... How about a tribute to the very odd name similarities on opposite ends of our political spectrum.

Obama Biden
Osama Bin Laden

Barack Hussein Obama
Saddam Hussein

How come I feel dirty even writing those names in the same vicinity of each other. But seriously, did anyone else find this ironically weird? Or even inspiring, somehow, to see our nation elect without prejudice across several levels...

I am excited for our country.

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