Thursday, January 8, 2009

I love the concept - but why is Krispy Kreme making flip flops?

Apparently Krispy Kreme workers weren't happy working at Krispy Kreme. I could take that sentence to a number of different places, but instead I will describe these pretty fab flip flops you're looking at. In order to 'put an extra spring in the step' of their employees, Krispy Kreme invested these grass lined flip flops for their workers to wear while on the. I guess it worked - reading some of the press around it - but all I can think about is dirty grass in my glazed donut.

In all honesty I don't eat donuts. So my opinions here don't matter all that much. But seemed like a random way to get some PR - and as an East Coast transplant - I loyally prefer Dunkin' Donuts myself regardless....

(note - written months ago and never published - opps - publishing now :)

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