Thursday, May 29, 2008

Love this guy's site

Had the fortune to come across a new cool as a result of some work related research the other day. Web Designer Wall published by Nick La.

Loved it so much I ended up sending the blogger a note. This is why I love the site:

- the moment I saw the home page I smiled because of the great design
- the blogger seems approachable and social - in spite of his reach and popularity (not necessarily a rarity, but SO nice!)
- some of his work reminded me of Tes One - a favorite of mine that I had not let inspire me in a long time (sure to see a future post on that one)
- lastly, he inspired me to send a note to him through his contact page, something I rarely do

What makes me laugh, is that when I sent the note, I gave him a link to this blog. My personal archive of random observations that really only people who know me pay attention to. But anywho, if you happen to come by for a visit Nick, thanks for the inspiration for today.

Update: Just got an email from Nick in response to my note. Very cool guy to be responding so quickly like that.

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