Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Stamp Making Continues

It is official, I have a dream. I officially want to start, work with, design, merchandise or manage a stationary company. This stationary company will support my jewelry line, boutique, and blog. It will be a Julia Brand Franchise - and I will be happy. I say all this with a bit of sarcasm, but I am actually finding my way towards what I love and thinking through the details in my freetime - which admittedly is limited :)

It's interesting though, how sales, an understanding of social media in every essence of the word, and a love for design and creating things is leading me towards something I am very excited about - my own dream.

I will chip away at it, one piece at a time, and in the meantime enjoy making things again.

Last night I made another stamp design. As a friend pointed out - this is not the most economical way to write a letter - but there is so much to be said for something handmade. You get so much joy out of it. And, I am experimenting with the designs and colors and shapes that I love - and deciding to dream big.

I'm clearly not as serious about my photography efforts yet, with these low budge pics, but took a few iPhone shots while making some new designs last night.


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