Monday, August 1, 2011

A long term investment

Reflecting on the year between this post and my last post and realizing despite life being to busy to blog, my blog being too side note to matter, and documenting my thoughts being less relevant as I manage to have millions more a day than I did a year ago - I still enjoyed going back through my old posts and realized that this blog will probably remain to be a place to come home to every now and then. Even as my few readers learn to not come back, and my family gives up on checking in on it, I think overtime it may become what blogs once were in the early days - a kind of online journal. In this case, a thought journal.

Today I am thinking about what's important, as people close to me have health scares and hard times, and I reflect on things that have been making my thoughts less lovey as they usually are. And in the middle of this I came across this piece of art - and I'm glad I did - as it reminded me of the amazing man I married between this post and my last post. He reminds me of what is good in this world.

I think I might find time to repaint my own version of this, first as a reminder, and second because those colors are killin' me :)
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